Last "BloodSpell" Dev. Post

Hugh Hancock of Strange Company recently made his last post on Strange Company's BloodSpell Development Updates blog.

In the post, he recollects some of the best (and worst) moments spent on the production of BloodSpell - Strange Company's feature film using the Neverwinter Nights engine.

"I can't explain it. I still can't fully explain exactly why it's so much fun, so fulfilling. But whilst there were very tough, scary, stressful days when I felt like something was pressing on the side of my head with a medium-sized estate car, frankly even those days I felt I was doing the best thing I could be doing. And then there were the other days, there were days when what we were doing was the happiest, most fun thing in the world."

DEFINITELY worth a read.

Oh, and check this out too. I would have missed this had I not caught it on Brian's blog (of Dead on Que), mentioned here.

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